Top 5 jQuery Plugins Of 2012

Are you a web developer? Do you love to design cool pages? No doubt, you must already be familiar with jQuery as they have some of the most useful plugins that can help you do wonders to your website.

Before coming to the plugins that have been termed as stupendous, let’s have a sneak peak into what is jQuery and why it is so popular.

Familiarizing you with jQuery

jQuery is actually like a library of different JavaScript functions. If you do not like to play a lot with coding methodologies, using these plugins can solve your hassles. They help you do a lot of big and interesting stuffs with a little code applications. Thus, you can use the plugins to make your page jump from being “just another site” to the “absolutely wow page”.

  1. Responsive slides.js

Do you often get complains that your site is not responsive and thus people find it hard to view it on their mobiles or even on different browsers? Now, you can use this plugin as it shall ensure that your slides would automatically rescale depending upon the browser size and you do not have to sweat out coding for this function as well.

       2. Uniform

There are a lot of different form elements that you are likely to use when you are making web pages. Are you tired of working on each one of them and writing lengthy codes so that they can be modified and customized? Do not worry, with the use of uniform plugin, you can give wonderful shapes to these forms and extract their best use. It is definitely one of the most amazing plugin that is used extensively by web developers all across the globe.

       3. Lake.js

Do you love photography? With the use of this plugin, you can enhance the appeal of the image significantly. You do not need to fiddle with the image editors for long hours as this plug in does it for you. it inserts a flipped reflection of the image immediately below it adding to the charisma and charm of the canvas picture. No doubt, you would relish the look and feel of the new website.

Following is a sample code for using this jQuery.

<script src=”jquery.js”></script>

<script src=”lake.js”></script>


$(function() {


    ‘speed’: 1,

    ‘scale’: 0.5,

    ‘waves’: 10




<img id=”lake-img” src=”lake.png” style=”display: none;”/>

  4- Touch touch

It is one of the best plugins for those who cater to the world of mobile browsing. No doubt, people love it when the sites can optimize themselves for mobile viewing. With this plugin, the pictures from the web pages would be aligned and you can enjoy them with the flick of your fingers as they have an interactive user friendly interface.

        5-jQuery social media tabs plug in

It is currently the era of social media. If you want the updates from different sites to load directly on to your site such that you can stay connected on the go, you should make it a point to use this plugin as it will make the matters a whole lot easier to handle.

So, these were some of the finest plugins that can help you design amazing web pages.