The new ASP.NET MVC4 platform

The ASP.NET MVC4 platform is an exciting opportunity, that will allow you to create the most rich and modern web applications available to date. This platform is focusing on a variety of areas, including development and deployment, Ajax, HTML 5, Cloud and one ASP.NET. With the development and deployment opportunities on this platform, work is easier and much more productive, and with the Ajax addition, you will be able to update existing web applications or implement new, single page applications such as Gmail. HTML 5 is an excellent opportunity, as it is increasing the trends and creating more mobile and tablet applications with this simple yet effective application. Using HTML 5 makes it much easier to get started, and create applications that are effective and highly usable.

The ASP.NET MVC 4 platform is also Cloud ready, giving you the opportunity to host all of your web applications in the cloud quickly and easily. With a solid focus on security, scalability and performance, you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities and much more, quickly and easily with this innovative new platform for web applications.

The ASP.NET MVC 4 platform offers an exciting new framework for consuming and building HTTP services, including Web APIs that can reach an extensive number of clients. This is an opportunity for building innovative services on ASP.NET Web API. This template is also available to create modern websites and support pages for all of your mobile devices.
This enhanced default project template uses HTML 5 more as well as NuGet packages. For new projects, you can take advantage of a mobile project template that is specifically created for mobile devices and tablets, which is based on jQuery mobile. The display modes allow MVC applications, layouts and use with overriding capabilities for specific browsers. This browser override capacity is available from any browser, along with a NuGet prototype view switch that is based on the jQuery package.

You can also take advantage of asynchronous action methods, as well as bundling and minification. These features give you the opportunity to build web applications that load faster and are much more responsive to your users. They also reduce the number and size of HTTP requests, which use JavaScript and CSS resources.
These templates are available by default if you so desire. In addition to these extensive features, you can also take advantage of razor enhancements from the ASP.NET MVC 4. This provides extensive support for resolving all of your URL reference that use tilde or slash syntax support for conditional HTML.
You can also experience seamless deployment to Windows Azure, as it supports every project template available to date, with assembly references for simple deployment options. It also offers universal providers that provide extensions of your membership, sessions, roles and profile support to your entire SQL compact and SQL Azure additions. You can also take advantage of a variety of recipes, to deliver tooling, as well as building applications for client side interactions that use JavaScript.

With more updates and foundations in the works, the ASP.NET MVC 4 platform is continually providing mobile app opportunities and innovative platforms for every type of business.