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Why Choose Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a set of techniques that allow you to create websites adapted to the mobile or hand held devices like iPhone, Galaxy Tab etc.  It is a technique that saves both development and maintenance costs for a site, as by using this technique web developers can avoid developing and maintaining several sites [...]

What is Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design? We live in an online, digital world. Most of us spend a large portion of every day online, whether it’s working, socializing, researching, planning or playing. With the ever-increasing proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices, we are taking our online activities off of the computer and on the [...]

CSS3 in a few words

CSS3 provides a number of ways to create the most exciting impact on their web design, as well as new standards as they have become available. The model of CSS 3 has been broken down and categorized into smaller pieces, with the new additions of CSS 3 over CSS 2. Some of the new additions [...]

Mobile site developing

With the increase in technology and smart phone usage, it has also called for an increase in mobile developing for websites. However, mobile development is much more complex than just cross browsing, it needs cross platforms as well. Because there are so many mobile devices available that make this increasingly difficult, there is a need [...]