HTML5 in a few words

As a programmer, it is important to understand why HTML5 is so important. Even if you are simply a client having a website designed and developed, you need to know what makes this so important in today’s day and age. If you don’t understand the importance, you may end up with an end result that [...]

CSS3 in a few words

CSS3 provides a number of ways to create the most exciting impact on their web design, as well as new standards as they have become available. The model of CSS 3 has been broken down and categorized into smaller pieces, with the new additions of CSS 3 over CSS 2. Some of the new additions [...]

The new ASP.NET MVC4 platform

The ASP.NET MVC4 platform is an exciting opportunity, that will allow you to create the most rich and modern web applications available to date. This platform is focusing on a variety of areas, including development and deployment, Ajax, HTML 5, Cloud and one ASP.NET. With the development and deployment opportunities on this platform, work is [...]

Google chart tools with HTML5, a bright overview

Sometimes, coming up with the proper words to describe data available on your website is very difficult. For this reason, you may want to consider using Google chart tools instead. Google chart tools give you the opportunity to form line charts, hierarchical tree maps, data tables and much more. Google provides an extensive chart galley, [...]