SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine optimization (SEO) means all those activities designed to increase the volume of traffic a website receives from search engines. These activities include the optimization of both the page’s source code, and content.
Optimization is part of a more complex task , such as search engine marketing (SearchEngine Marketing, SEM).

The activities of search engine optimization techniques including various operations that are performed on the HTML code (including markup) and the contents of this web site as well the overall hypertext structure.
This aims to achieve top positions on Google and other search engines. Most of the dynamic content-rich web sites don’t have a valuable SEO because  of issues related to the structure so they can not express the potential and generate useful keywords to the business.

I can provide a concrete SEO to your website. 
An example?

Take a look at, one of mine websites, the italian community of the most famous game in the world, The Sims 3. If you look on using the keyword “The sims 3″ you will see it appearing on the first positions.
As well as (the famous game), looking for on you will see it popping up as the first result, even before the official website.

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