Photoshop PSD to HTML5 exporting

It is not nearly as difficult as it sounds to convert a PSD design into HTML5. With the right expertise and a little bit of guidance, you will soon be turning your high quality designs into a fully functional website.
The more in-depth your design the more exporting you will need to do. As you get started, you will need to first focus on the background.

It is important that you consider all monitor sizes to ensure that the design is wide enough that it is never cropped off. In today’s day and age, a width of 2200px should be perfect. 

With each item, you must choose the right file type and compression setting. For example, if you are using flat colors a PNG format works best. For those designs that are using a transparent background, look into using PNG 24. 

Once you have saved all your images, the real fun is about to begin. This is when you will begin to build the HTML structure of your website.

First things first, you should write out the HTML structure. From there, you can add to the stylesheet and then move forward with other elements including the header, content, and footer.

Soon enough, you will begin to write the first line of CSS. This is when you ensure that you are starting fresh. Also, you will be able to choose your font, line height, and other stylistic details at this point.

The main background of the site will be added followed soon enough by other images that were saved above.

photoshop to html5

HTML5 Challenges

With HTML5, more than 100 new words have been added to the markup language. As you cna imagine, this has added some new challenges to the exporting process. 

Although cross-browser compatibility is a huge benefit of HTML5, it also brings forth some issues with exporting from PSD. In short, it is essential to focus on the ever growing number of browsers, and just importantly, the mobile platform. Subsequently, more experience and know how is a must. 

If you are interested in PSD to HTML5 exporting, there are many in-depth tutorials online. However, your best bet is to simply experiment with this and move forward through a trial and error process. This is often times the best way to learn PSD to HTML5 exporting.