Mobile First

Mobile First is a philosophy created by Luke Wroblewski that prioritizes the mobile reality when developing user experiences. It is based on four main concepts[1]:


  • Allows websites to reach more people (77% of the world’s population has a mobile device, 85% of phones sold in 2011 equipped with browser)
  • Forces designers to focus on core content and functionality(What do you do when you lose 80% of your screen real estate?)
  • Lets designers innovate and take advantage of new technologies (geolocation, touch events and more)



Nowdays creating a mobile version of the site is served by a redirect to a specific url (eg /mobile). Using a responsive design helps a lot to create layouts that fit any width of the screen.

Mobile website
Mobile website compared to standard

A connection of lower speed limits and some hardware devices, can easily undermine the efforts invested in the adoption of adapting a website to work on mobile. This has not a quick solution. A work like this needs an expert analysis, time, and test execution. Instead of having to create a completely new extension or version of a website every time a device comes to the market, that time saved can be applied to optimizing the user experience with every mobile solution.

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