Google Penguin, what you absolutely need to know

With the SEO game constantly changing and evolving internet marketers and website owners are having to keep up with the game and learn the the algorithms that will enable them to reach the top of the search engine results for their chosen keywords.
A lot of people say that you must be experienced in the SEO field to understand it and really optimize your website for the best SEO results, however this point is very debatable as a newcomer could come to the internet marketing world and learn about current SEO and how it must be applied in order to see any results.

This way the newcomer would never need to know about old black hat methods and they wouldn’t need to be confused with what used to work and what no longer works, as they would only be presented with what currently works and what Google really wants from websites.

One of the best pieces of advice is always to go straight to the source and find out what the main most important thing needs and wants from you, so in our case Google is the main source and they outline exactly what you must do to your website in order to become ranked highly and effectively

Google is a lot smarter than existing and new marketers seem to think it is and as they control the position of many internet businesses and their main source of traffic, it’s vital that marketers treat Google as boss and nothing less. Marketers are always looking for an automated tool or form of SEO that makes things easier for them, they are constantly looking for ways to cheat the system which isn’t the best route to take at all. Google will find you out and de-index your website if you try to cheat it, it isn’t hard for Google to do this either as they have spiders crawling websites finding low quality links and content that Google simply doesn’t want to be associated with.

It’s much better to play the SEO game the way that Google wants you to and then no amount of algorithm updates can affect you as you will have been doing exactly as Google asked you to.

So what is the most recent Google update and why has it struck down so many websites?

The most recent Google update was named, “Google Penguin“, and it was put in place to strike down and de-index all spam orientated websites. What is a spam orientated website? One that is usually about five pages in length that doesn’t contain very useful information and contains low quality low page rank backlinks.
If you want to succeed in the online world and use organic search engine results as your main source of traffic then you must create a website that is opposite to the one we just outlined. You must create something that isn’t spam orientated and that has high quality high page rank backlinks. It sounds simple and in some ways it really is, it’s just that many internet marketers and website owners are very lazy with their marketing methods and rather than build a solid foundation for an internet business they’d rather take shortcuts which actually ruin them in the long run

At what point Google Penguin starts to penalize

The Google Penguin update caused uproars with many online marketers and website owners as their websites were de-indexed. The main reason these websites were de-indexed or dropped in the rankings is simply because they need to start building high quality high page rank backlinks. Each website is assigned a page rank number by Google and the higher the page rank number the better, an good page rank number on average is a four anything below isn’t that great. Therefore when building backlinks you must target websites that have a page rank of four and above. If you can build your link empire from websites that have a high page rank then your website will shoot up the rankings and excel through any Google updates. Google even laid out some guidelines that people should follow in order to get their websites ranked higher or to recover from being de-indexed or shot down in the rankings. 

Google says you must build high page rank backlinks and provide quality detailed content for all visitors. You can do this by guest posting on other blogs and websites that have a high page rank, and you can use article marketing but only use directories that have a high page rank. Then you can simply hire a writer to create pages or content for your website or write the content yourself, but you must have a quality well informed website that has high standard backlinks pointing to it, it is fairly simple depending on how large your competition is. If you have a lot of work to do on your site you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s worth trying to resurrect it from Google’s abyss, otherwise you’ll have to start from scratch with a new website. 

An example of the type of website that you don’t want to create are Google adsense websites. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Google adsense on your website as it is a form of earning created by Google, what we’re talking about here are marketers that create five page websites that have thousands of low quality backlinks pointing to them, and they display low quality content and have adsense advertisements dotted around the content. These types of websites are seen all over the internet and as far as Google is concerned they are polluting the internet and they don’t want to be associated with them. This should give you a good idea and example on what not to create, if you look at all the most successful websites online, you will see that they have a great number of pages with good quality content on them, they also have a good number of high quality backlinks and more importantly they look natural and well presented. This is what you must create to run a solid, secure and safe internet business in the Google Penguin era.